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Night view from the Sky Bridge

Kingdom Bridge: the best Panoramic View in Riyadh

The Sky Bridge in the Kingdom Center in Riyadh gives the best panoramic view over the capital of Saudi Arabia.

What is the Kingdom Bridge in Riyadh?

The Kingdom Bridge, also known as the Sky Bridge, is a unique panoramic 100-meter-high viewpoint in the center of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The bridge was built as part of the Kingdom Centre, completed in 2002, and includes a Four Seasons hotel and a shopping mall.

The bridge is made of steel and is supported by two concrete cores, one in each of the connected buildings. It is covered in a curved glass facade, which allows natural light to enter the walkway and provides stunning views of the city. The bridge is not just a piece of impressive architecture; it also serves a practical purpose, as it allows people to easily travel between the two buildings without going outside.

Where to find the Kingdom Bridge?

The Skybridge is located in the Kingdom Center, which can be found between Olaya Street and King Fahd Road. Enter the shopping mall and find the small entrance between Mont Blanc and Carolina Herrera on the Gallery Floor. A small corridor will lead you to the ticket desk and first elevator.

What to expect from your visit?

As soon as you pass the ticket desk, a first elevator will take you up to the 77th floor, where you will switch to another elevator that takes you up to the 99th floor. You will exit straight into the Sky Bridge walkway with big windows facing North and South.

When you are done with your visit, you take the same elevator back down. There is no time limit, so enjoy the view as long as you want.

What’s the entrance fee?

The entrance fee for the Kingdom Bridge is 63 riyals (16 euros) per person.

Where to buy your ticket?

Tickets can only be bought from the ticket desk at the entrance of the Kingdom Bridge. You can pay in cash or by card.

What are the opening times?

The Sky Bridge is open from 12 pm to 11pm from Saturday to Thursday and from 4 pm to 11 pm on Friday.

I recommend going up before sunset to catch both day- and nighttime views of the city.

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