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Train from Riyadh to Dammam

How to Travel from Riyadh to Dammam by Train

This article is for everyone who wants to travel by train between Riyadh and Dammam in Saudi Arabia.

Does Saudi Arabia have trains?

Train travel in Saudi Arabia is organized by the Saudi Arabia Railways. They are currently operating three major rail lines:

  • Riyadh to Dammam
  • Riyadh to Qassim, Hail, Jauf
  • Medina to Mecca via Jeddah

What is the train schedule?

There are five or six trains in each direction every day. The first train from Riyadh leaves at 7.02 am, and the last train at 6.42 pm. In the other direction, the first train leaves at 7.52 am and the last train at 7.23 pm from Dammam.

The train ride takes 4 hours, with two stops in Hufuf and Abqaiq.

What’s the price of a ticket?

Ticket prices are fixed and cost 120 riyals (30 euros) for economy class and 180 riyals (45 euros) for business class.

Where to buy your ticket?

Train tickets can be bought through the website, which is available in English and Arabic.

Alternatively, tickets can also be bought from the ticket desk at the train station, which is open from 5.30 am to 1 am. It is advised to purchase tickets before traveling because they usually sell out fast.

Where to take the train in Riyadh?

Trains to Dammam leave from Riyadh East Train Station, located in the Sinaiyah Qadeem district, and can only be reached by car. Be aware that trains to Qassim, Hail and Jauf leave from North Train Station.

Dammam Train Station is located in the Al Shifa District.

The train stations have a ticket office, waiting area, small cafe and bathrooms.

Before boarding the train, you must pass through security, similar to an airport. You should arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

How many bags can I take?

One free bag per passenger is allowed (max 67cm x 42cm x 30cm). Extra luggage has to be checked in via the Parcel Shipments service.

The cost is 70 riyals (18 euros) for an extra bag of 8 kg, adding 3 riyals (0,75 euros) for every kilogram overweight. 

How is the train?

The trains are very modern and comfortable, even in economy class. There is free WIFI, a buffet and even a prayer area. 

Drinks and snacks are also sold by an attendant going through the train.

Be sure to have something warm to wear, as the air conditioning can be freezing. 

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